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Please excuse our dust while we improve our website! We are trying to make things better for everyone. Not all of our products or exciting new lines are on our current website yet as we are switching platforms. So for now we are going to have to do things the old fashion way! Please click below to see our full updated lines and call your consultant with an order! And if you do not have a consultant CALL US today at 1-888-882-8534 and we will find one for you!!

Total She 2013-2014 Catalog

e-catalog includes PDF,

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New This Season to Total She!

Our new lockets are a beautiful way to hold what is dear to you - Close To Your Heart! Constructed from stainless steel, the glass lid screws on for complete confidence. In just 5 simple steps, you can tell your story for an incredibly personal, completely YOU locket!

  • Custom Plates (Total She Exclusive)
  • Loads of Charms to choose from
  • Four Different Locket Styles
  • Small Name Charms in New Colors

How would you feel if you could...

... have more money left at the end of the month?

... go on a vacation with your family?

... raise your family how and where you want?

... purchase amazing products at a a discount/

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We want you to find out!

Start your own business with TotalShe and you will be taking one big step towards all your "what if's"

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Every Month You may choose our $65 Locket Credit OR choose the Monthly gift

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Arlene Winnipeg, Total She Consultant

"I joined Total She because I fell in love with the products and wanted to share them with others. Total She has given me the opportunity to be my own boss and work around my family’s very hectic schedule. At the same time, I am able to contribute toward all of my family's extra expenses."


Consultant, East St. Paul, MB.
Adria Winnipeg, Total She Consultant

"I became a Total She Consultant because I love the products and needed to make extra income. I am always excited to wear and show off my engraved jewellery! My parties give me a night out with ladies, the opportunity to share the products I love with my customers and a chance to put some extra money in my kids' pockets!"


Consultant, Winnipeg,MB.

"The first time I saw a Total She pendant I was hooked and it didn’t take long before I joined the company! I love the quality, variety, uniqueness and affordability of all the products. It’s a lot of fun sharing them with others and getting to meet so many new people! And the flexibility works great with my busy lifestyle! I love being a She*Girl!"


Consultant, Winnipeg,MB.
TotalShe Consultant

"I went to my first Total She party and fell in love! Not only could I get personalized items, but I could design them myself! The options were endless! As I was driving home from the party, I had so much excitement thinking of all the items I wanted to personalize. But what would I get 1st? The cell phone case, the pendants, or the picture frame? My excitement grew to the point where I realized I wanted to sell Total She- that way I could continue growing the collection of items I wanted, and I could spread the word about these awesome products! Well the rest is history. I love Total She items. I love the customers. I love my fellow She*Girls - what an awesome group of woman. I am so happy to be a part of the Total She family!"


Consultant, Winnipeg,MB.
TotalShe Consultant

"Where has the time gone?! I have been with Total She for almost 8 years, all because I love the products. I adore the She*Girls, both from Head Office and fellow Consultants. I am happy to see how all my hostesses and customers love the pieces they order and I enjoy the flexibility I have when booking parties according to my schedule. Thanks to my hostesses, customers, family and friends for their support!"


Consultant, La Salle,MB.
TotalShe Consultant

"I fell in love with the Total She products as soon as I saw them, and couldn't wait to have some of my own! Our merchandise fits everyone's budget & there is something for everyone. So many items can be personalized so no one will have the same piece as you. I am fairly new to the Total She family, but everyone at Head Office has been very helpful and I learn more and more with every order I place. It's wonderful that I can work my business around my schedule, meet new and amazing people, and get to sell something I love"


Consultant, Grenfall, SK.

About the Owner


I have wind beneath my wings this season!!

I feel refreshed and extremely excited about our new catalogue this year!! I am ecstatic about our brand new line of Close to Your Heart Lockets! I absolutely cannot sleep at night because of my excitement about these lockets, as I know how much you are going to love them! They are going to make your gift giving stylish, simple, and of course "personal"!